MSTFP is a program of the Mancos Conservation District in southwestern Colorado. Since 2009, it has provided integrated, hands-on school garden classes in Montezuma County. What began with a farm field trip for 40 Mancos students has grown to incorporate four school garden programs, professional school garden coordinators, summer farm camps, and youth farmers’ markets. MSTFP has installed a 2+ acre school production area, a heritage orchard, an aquaponics system, a high tunnel, vertical growing spaces, permaculture swales, and numerous living examples of water and soil conservation across the schools in the county. Garden Coordinators and AmeriCorps Members work with more than 2,000 students, provide 26,000+ integrated experiential education hours in the school garden classrooms, and harvest 4,000+ pounds of produce annually. Learn more at Montezuma County School to Farm.