MLK Jr Breakfast

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Volunteers started the MLK Jr Breakfast in 2009. It brings the community together to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the ramifications of his work and to kick off the New Year. The event is free and regularly hosts around 100 people.

Mancos Farmers’ Market

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This Farmers’ Market strives to provide affordable, locally grown, seasonally available produce as well as other locally sourced and crafted products to the residents of the Mancos Valley.

Mancos Food Share

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This organization is dedicated to comprehensively addressing hunger and food insecurity in the Mancos Valley through supporting healthy food access, education, distribution and production. Currently it runs the USDA commodities distribution in Mancos and helps facilitate the donation of local produce to community members in need. FoodShare established a commodities distribution in Mancos so community [...]

Mancos Doc Fest

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This film festival takes place annually at the Mancos Opera House. In 2018, the event focused on what it means to BELONG to a place, to each other and to ourselves. This and future events will include various feature length and short documentary films.

High Desert Conservation District

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This program works to protect the agricultural lifestyle in Montezuma County. It focuses on a whole farm approach to agricultural conservation; soil sampling procedures, evaluations, learning from local speakers/experts; two full day field trips with hands on demonstrations; NRCS principles of sustainable practices; and sharing information. The High Deseert Conservation District has a long history [...]

The Giving Tree

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The Giving Tree: In its 18th season, The Giving Tree provides gifts, food and utilities vouchers for residents in the Mancos Valley during the holiday season—Thanksgiving through Christmas. They’ve served hundreds of residents.

The Belonging Project

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This organization is committed to fostering love between neighbors and supporting common humanity. Belonging provides educational opportunities around immigration and sanctuary in order to create inclusive communities and social

Chicken Creek Nordic Trails

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This organization supports winter recreation by creating and grooming more than 20 kilometers of track for classic- and skate-style Nordic skiing on U.S. Forest Service land near Mancos. More than 3,000 skiers visit per winter. During the

Four Corners Collaborative

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The goal of the Four Corners Collaborative is to mobilize communities throughout our region to address the root causes of inequity and health disparities by providing accessible opportunities for social justice education,

Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool

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This school’s compassionate teachers and nature-inspired atmosphere create a nurturing environment for children to express their unique potential through creative and experiential activities. Through a Waldorf-inspired curriculum, they seek to raise imaginative and mindful human beings to become advocates for the earth and humanity. Visit the Dragonfly Preschool website.