The Pay It Forward Fund

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PIFF was established for 81328 residents who are experiencing financial difficulty due to unexpected medical situations or personal hardships i.e. job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Painted Turtle Studio

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The Painted Turtle is a place to cultivate and provide a safe and inspiring space for people of all ages and walks of life to explore the world of art and their inherent creativity, curiosity, and playfulness. enriching lives and communities.

Mt. Lookout Grange

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Mt. Lookout Grange improves the economic well-being, social connectedness, and quality of life for agricultural producers and all in our rural community.

Mancos Valley Chorus

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The Mancos Valley Chorus is MVR's oldest running program, established in 1998 by a few friends and neighbors interested in sharing "joy through the sounds of music."

Mancos Grain Elevator

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Built in 1934, the Mancos Grain Elevator is being stabilized, rehabilitated, and restored so it can be open to the general public.